Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Japan through the eyes of a six-year-old

This is not just any six-year-old, but my little (half) brother, Daniel. He often comes out with gems - some surprisingly knowledgeable and some just plain cute.

Daniel a couple of years ago, super happy making rice krispie cakes.

When I told Daniel that I'd be moving to Japan in September he wasn't too disheartened, figuring that since he'd be going to China anyway he could easily visit me in Japan, too. The next time he phoned he told me that he was excited to come to Japan. In a thick Barnsley accent (don't ask) he said:

'D'you know in Japan they have really, REALLY fast trains? They're so fast! They're called bullet trains. You can get one in Tokyo, where you'll be, so can we go on them when I come? I'm really excited about the trains! The trains and the kangaroos.'

So Japan according to a six-year-old? A country relatively near to China, characterised by Shinkansen and kangaroos.

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